Carrefour Anjou Touraine Poitou
Association pour la valorisation du patrimoine troglodytique

About the CATP

he association Carrefour Anjou-Touraine-Poitou came into existence in 1974 out of the desire to bypass existing administrative entities in the interests of preserving and promoting those sites that do not qualify for the Historic Monuments classification. Over the years, the CATP has become a specialist in our subterranean heritage (especially cave dwellings).


The association has either originated or been associated with the various activities related to preservation and promotion of the subterranean heritage of our region. As the only organization which has maintained a continued presence in this area, it has played a determining role in ensuring that this legacy be respected and valued not only by the local population and the various local governmental entities, but also at the national governmental level.


In 1990, this led to the opening of a center to welcome school groups studying this heritage, at the site Les Perrières in Doué-la-Fontaine. The Rectorate of the Academy of Nantes and the Office of Cultural Affairs of the Pays de la Loire region have tasked the association with running these educational projects.


The CATP has also been asked by various institutional partners and local communities to provide technical support to people who are making improvements to their caves.


With its 30 years of experience, the CATP is recognized today for its expertise and its large network of associated partners : it is a major actor for our subterranean heritage from promotion to education to engineering.


The Team

The CATP team is made up of four paid employees, an administrative board and 250 members.



Stéphanie Oliver and Francine Perrin, Heritage Coordinators

Training: Master pro "Promoting Appreciation of Our Heritage and Local Development" (University of Southern Brittany)



  • Development of cultural and tourist-oriented projects for promoting the appreciation of our subterranean heritage (currently organizing: "Rendez vous in the Caves")
  • Conception, design, and day-to-day running of educational programs
  • Promotion and communication (guides, brochures, phone list, internet)
  • Organization and management of the network and communication with partners:
    • regional entities (PNR, CPIE, GRAINE...)
    • territorial collectivities (DRAC, CRT, CDT, CG, CAUE, DDE, municipalities...)
    • tourist sites
    • various publics (school groups and vacation camps, cave owners, professionals...)
    • community organizing (members and European partners)


Sandrine Munoz, Secretarial and book-keeping

  • Reception and general secretarial duties
  • Personnel administration
  • General book-keeping
  • Organization of the Journées d'animation en Milieu Rural (coordination of a program of day-long visits to various rural communities)

The CATP also makes arrangements for the participation  of  outside professionals: architects, geologists, archeologists, historians, storytellers, skilled workers, site administrators...

Administrative Board:

Bernard Tobie, President
Chantal Archaux, Vice-President
Patrick Edgar Rosa, Vice-President
Henri de Fontanges, Treasurer
Jacques Bartholeyns, Secretary
Gilles Rabourdin

Bruno Duquoc

Annie Demey
Jacques Hythier
Véronique Petit
Michel Volclair


Affiliation: 260 members

Members include:

town halls,
accomodations and tourist sites,
tourist offices and associations

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