If you are looking for an eco-friendly, high-quality mattress that is both firm and soft, then AmerisleepIt is a wonderful choice.

You have the option to choose from a variety of comfort levels, unlike other mattress-in a-box companies that limit you to one level.Amerisleep offers five different mattress options, ranging from extra-firm to soft.

  • The AS4 and AS5 models are the softest in the comfort range.
  • The AS3 comfort mattress is their best-selling product.
  • The AS1 and theAS2 are the two most firm mattresses.
  • AS2, AS3, AND AS5 can be purchased in both all-foam or pocket coil hybrid versions.

You might be interested in purchasing an Amerisleep mattress to yourself due to its advanced, eco-friendly memory foams and exceptional 20-year warranty.

Which of their five models should you choose?

Does the sleeping experience live up to its potential?

Let’s get started and answer these questions now.

Review Of The Mattress

This review takes approximately 10 minutes to read.


Amerisleep, one of the oldest mattress in a box companies, is Amerisleep.

The company was founded in 2010 and has been a leader in high-quality mattresses, innovative features and exceptional customer service.

The company is very vocal about its efforts towards being more environmentally friendly.

They are committed to using eco-friendly materials and low impact manufacturing processes.

Amerisleep is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It ships mattresses to customers in the United States and Canada.

They also have twelve brick-and-mortar stores in Arizona, Oregon and Colorado.

Social Impact

Amerisleep takes a leap ahead of other mattress companies in terms of social responsibility, particularly when it comes to the environment.

The company adheres to environmentally-friendly practices throughout its production process.

They go above and beyond the requirements to create products that are safe, high-quality, and beneficial for their customers and the environment.

Amerisleep manufactures all its products in the United States. This creates employment opportunities for local workers.It is important to keep manufacturing in the USA, as it helps maintain the highest environmental and manufacturing standards.

It also works with local charities to provide beds for the less fortunate.

The Purchase Process

To select your model is the most important step in the buying process. This determines your firmness level.

You have five options for mattresses, starting at AS1 and ending at AS5.You can choose between an all-foam or hybrid AS2 and AS3 mattresses.

All three have similar foam technology and construction. However, they differ in terms firmness and some advanced features.

  • The AS4 or AS5 mattresses are best if you like a soft or medium-soft mattress.
  • AnAS1 or anAS2 mattress can be purchased for a firm or med-firmmattress.
  • Amerisleep’s most loved mattress, theAS3, is for you if you like 80% of current sleepers who prefer an amedium feel.
  • Amerisleep will guide you to the best option based on your preferred position.

All sizes, from Twin to California King, are available. All models offer a split-king option.

After you have selected a size, place an order.

Notice:Amerisleep has a dozen retail locations in four states that allow you to feel and touch the mattress before purchasing it. These are the addresses.


FedEx shipping is free within the United States

Shipping fees apply if you order a mattress from Hawaii or Alaska. International orders may incur additional fees.

Once your order is shipped, you can track it online.

There are no special shipping options for white-glove or expedited shipping.

It will take approximately a week to get your mattress delivered depending on where you live.


Amerisleep offers free curbside delivery via FedEx to any address within the United States.

Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses are shipped to you compressed and packed in a thin plastic tube.

It’s easy to unpack: simply cut the plastic wrap in half lengthwise and let it rip.

It takes approximately a day for the mattress’s expansion to complete, and another 2-3 weeks for it to settle completely.

Amerisleep doesn’t offer any special delivery options. They deliver only to your curb.


Amerisleep mattresses feature a sleek, simple two-tone design in white and blue.

The top cover is smooth, but the sides are covered in a mesh pattern. Mesh paneling does more than just look good. It also improves cooling and ventilation.

Advanced Memory Foam Technology

Amerisleep utilizes several advanced memory foam technologies to create their mattresses.

Amerisleep claims that the biggest challenge was in making memory foam, which is notoriously uncomfortable and too hot for sleeping, a bio-friendly material that promotes better sleep.

1. Variable Pressure Foaming

Amerisleep mattress memory foams are made using a process known as Variable Pressure Foaming, or simplyVPF.

VPF is an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The mattresses are assembled in a special chamber and all emissions are passed through carbon filters before being released.

The foam is also free from harsh chemicals and contains very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All the waste is recycled at the end.

2. 2.

Memory foams that are ordinary, although plush, can get too hot at night, and may not provide the best support.

Amerisleep’s memory foam was created to remove these negative aspects and add some more benefits.

Bio-Pur is a slightly different kind of foam.

Amerisleep refers to their foam as « Bio » because certain of the petroleum components in standard memory foam have been replaced by plant-based materials.

This results in a more comfortable and eco-friendly mattress.

Bio-Pur foam provides greater support and is a bit firmer than first-generation memory foam.

Bio-Pur foam is more breathable than regular memory foam. The open cell structure allows air to freely circulate within the mattress. This makes the mattress dry and cool while still smelling fresh.

Amerisleep’s AS1,AS2,and AS3mattresses use the original Bio-Pur foam. AS4 and AS5 utilize an updated Bio-Pur+ variant.

Bio-Pur+ offers better air circulation and cooling.The company claims that it is 70% more breathable than standard Bio-Pur memory Foam.

Bio-Pur+ foam goes through a second process, called reticulation. This process removes any air-blocking membranes and boosts the airflow within the mattress.

3. 3.

This foam is another one that has been specially formulated to be more responsive and supportive of the body.

It is only used in the AS5mattress

4. 4.

Except for AS1, all mattresses have a HIVE layer. This layer has channels that are cut into the mattress to increase airflow and cooling.

These channels are separated using raised foam hexagons, which are then grouped into five zones with variable firmness.

These areas correspond to various parts of your body: head and shoulder & back, hips, lower legs, knees, upper legs, and knees.

Your body should be allowed to sink in areas that need extra pressure relief (under the hips, for example) and remain aligned where it requires support.

Because the mattress is easily adjustable to your body weight and sleeping position, it offers customized comfort.


All Amerisleep mattress are made of memory foam. The company has recently introduced hybrid mattresses of the AS2, AS3, or AS5 mattress.

The hybrid models replace high-density foam found in all-foam models with a pocket coil base of 18 cm and foam encasement.

AS1 (Firm),AS2 (Medi-firm),AS3 (Medium),AS4 (Medi-soft)AS5(Soft)

AS1 (Firm).

This mattress is the most firm of all the Amerisleep mattresses. This 25 cm thick foam mattress is great for stomach and back sleepers. It has two main layers that provide a firmer feel than the usual.

Comfort layer of Bio-Pur foam (5cm)

Bio-Pur’s open cell structure makes it more breathable and adapts to the body better for greater support.

Bio-Core foam (20 cm support)

Bio-Core foam is a high-density foam that provides support for the mattress and the sleeper. It is also crucial in preventing unsightly (and uncomfortable) sags, and making sure that the mattress lasts a long period of time.

AS2 (Medi-firm)

The AS2 is also a firmer option, but it has a medium-firm feel.

It’s a great choice for stomach and back sleepers who love a firm surface, but with a little hug to hold them in place.

The engineers made AS2 slightly thicker than AS1 to create a themedium-firm feeling.

The AS2 mattress is 30 cm thick and has three layers.

Comfort layer of Bio-Pur foam (5cm)

The layer of eco-friendly memory foam provides comfort and pressure relief.

Transition layer HIVE (8 cm)

The foam zones provide targeted support and pressure relief. The foam’s channels allow for better breathability and heat dissipation.

Bio-Core foam (18 cm support)

The foundation is strong and dense foam, which resists sagging over the years. The base is encased in foam and has pocket coils.

AS3 (Medium).

The AS3 is their most-popular model, and it was the one that we tested at home.

It is 30 cm thick and designed for all sleep positions, including side or combo.

Comfort layer of Bio-Pur foam (8 cm)

This is the first layer of comfort for the sleeping person.

The plant-based foam provides pressure relief and adapts to your body’s contours and weight. Superior airflow quickly removes any heat or sweat produced by your body.

Transition Layer HIVE (5 cm)

This foam layer adds soft comfort and firm support exactly where you need it.

Bio-Core foam (18 cm support)

High-density foam is a strong foundation that provides compression support and prevents sagging. This gives the mattress additional durability.

The hybrid version offers more bounce and stronger support. It is made up of foam-encased pocket coils that are embedded in the base, instead of Bio-Core foam.

AS4 (Medsoft)

The AS4 mattress, which is designed to give you a more supple feel, can be found at the soft end of the spectrum.

If you are a side-sleeper who enjoys a plush, cushiony feel on your mattress, this is the product for you.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping on a mattress, this is not the one for you.

The AS4mattress measures 30 cm in thickness and includes three foam layers with additional ventilation.

The AS4 mattress doesn’t have a hybrid version.

Comfort layer of Bio-Pur+ Memory Foam (5 cm)

This layer is made with Bio-Pur+, an upgraded version of Bio-Pur foam that is more breathable and can be adapted to your body.

The mattress has a plush and soft feel because of the extra thick comfort layer.

HIVE transition layer (3 cm).

The mattress’s zoned foam offers targeted support and comfort, while the channels effectively move heat out.

Bio-Core foam (18 cm Foundation layer)

This plant-based support foam is breathable and provides general support for the mattress.

AS5 (Soft).

This mattress is Amerisleep’s most luxurious, thickest, and softest.

It measures luxury at 36 cm in thickness and relies on four foam layers.

Comfort layer of Bio-Pur+ memory Foam (8 cm)

The mattress’s surface remains cool and soft thanks to the Bio-Pur+ foam layer.

Active Flex Layer (5 cm response layers)

Active Flex foam enhances the mattress’ ability to adapt to your body.

It helps keep the mattress soft and provides support and responsiveness.

Active Flex layers conform to your body as you lie down. They also respond quickly when you change positions. This means you won’t feel stuck in your mattress like luxury plush mattresses.

This layer is only available on the AS5 Amerisleep mattress.

Transition layer HIVE (5 cm)

A zoned layer offers targeted support and pressure relief for specific areas of your body.

Bio-Core foam (18 cm supportlayer).

The mattress will last for many years thanks to the thick foam layer.

We recommend the AS5h hybrid variant for heavier sleepers or those who like a firmer mattress. The pocket coil base provides deep compression support and responsiveness, as well as increased responsiveness.


Amerisleep’s cover is another area of great innovation.

Amerisleep uses Celliant fabric to make all their mattress covers.

Celliantis a yarn that contains 13 Thermoreactive minerals, which react to heat uniquely.

Your body produces heat when you sleep on an amattress. If they are not well ventilated, a goodmattresscover will absorb the heat and/or release it.

Celliant is a radical alternative: It transforms your body heat into infrared radiation and escapes quietly from your mattress.

Infrared light is not only effective in dissipating heat but also has many health benefits.It improves blood circulation, sleep quality, energy levels, and regulates body temperature.

Amerisleep claims that you will experience deeper, better sleep, feel more energetic, and have a Celliant cover to protect it.

Celliant technology is also used by the Bear mattress online, which was made specifically for athletes.

Smell/Off Gassing

Most foammattresses have one problem: They often emit a slight unpleasant odor when fresh from the factory.

However, unlike years ago when mattresses from stores emitted dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compound), the smell that you might get when you open an Amerisleep mattress will not be harmful.

Be aware that Amerisleep mattresses have been Certi-PUR Certified, meaning they are free from harmful substances like heavy metals and ozone depleters.

Plant-based materials are also used to replace certain petroleum-based components of the mattress. This reduces off-gassing.

They also use a specialGREENGUARDcertified fire socket for fire protection around the mattress.

However, these technologies do not eliminate off-gassing.

Some customers of Amerisleep have complained about an unpleasant odor coming from their new mattresses. Some people say that they only smell the new smell of a car. Each to his own, I suppose.

Ioticed a subtle plastic-in-my car’s smell, too.

The company recommends that you air-out your mattress for a few more days if you are feeling a strong smell.It is best to leave it exposed in a well-ventilated area such as the garage.

This is not the only factor that will determine your decision. However, it was barely noticeable after a few days and dissipates within a week.

The Sleeping Experience

Eric and I couldn’t sleep on any of the 5 Amerisleep mattresses in our home.

The AS3 is a Wetestedthemedium-firm mattress (formerly known as Liberty).

Nevertheless, if you take a look at the reviews left by other Amerisleep customers about their experiences with the products, you will see that they are generally positive.

We were very pleased with the mattress that we tried.It slept cool and provided surprising support for a memory foam mattress.

Amerisleep products are so diverse that it is important to consider each product individually rather than giving blanket descriptions.

AS1 (firm),AS2 (med-firm)AS3 (medium),AS4 (med soft),AS5 (soft).


The AS1 mattress is the firmest, and buyers report two types of sleeping experiences.

The AS1 mattress was too firm for people who are looking for a soft mattress.

AS1 is a good choice for people with back problems.

Even if you’re just looking for a firmer bed, you might find this one to be more supportive than you expected.


This is the most well-known mattress, Amerisleep.

Although it is at the more extreme end of the scale than As1, it is still a solid option.

Other reviewers agree that the AS2 sleep experience is great for stomach and back sleepers.

The reported sinkage is, as you might expect.

Softcover and top Bio-Pur foam layer create a cushion that balances out the mattress’ extra firmness.


This mattress is Amerisleep’s most loved.

The AS3 is just right in the middle of firmness, not too hard nor too soft.

It is ideal for people who can’t sleep in one position.

It’s minimal. I feel a little snug around my body contours, but not enough that it makes me unable to move freely (which I do quite a lot).

My main complaint about the AS3 (as well as other reviewers) is its poor edge support. When you sit or lie down near the edge, the AS3 doesn’t support your weight as well.

If you compare the Purple Mattress to this problem, it is the same one. Although the AS3 isn’t as bad as Purple it can cause problems for couples or people who roll on their sides at night (really active sleepers).


We move into the soft end of the firmness scale with the AS4.

On an increasing scale, the AS4 mattress is just behind Liberty.

This mattress has more sinkage because of the combination of Bio-Pur+ and an Affinity Transition Layer.

This mattress is ideal for side sleepers and slim-sleepers with a defined body shape.

Although you might feel the mattress is too soft, many people who have reviewed it were pleasantly surprised at the firm support despite the higher sinkage.

I am only concerned about the durability of this mattress. It should last for years without any damage. Soft foam mattresses have a reputation for having a short life span.

This is an issue with all-new online mattresses brands.

We can only wait to see if their durability promises of lasting decades are true, as they’ve only been around for a very short time.


Amerisleep’s AS5 mattress is among the most comfortable.

AS5 is not a stumbling block at night, despite what you might think. Most reviewers agree that it still has a pleasant bounce. The sinkage is more noticeable than other mattresses.

AS5 is perfect for side sleepers or those who prefer a more comfortable sleeping environment. It is said to be similar to the luxurious hotel mattresses you can sink into after a long journey.

Surprisingly many AS5 mattress reviewers believe the AS5 provides better edge support than the AS4 mattress. However, it is not as good or as durable as other innerspring and latex mattresses.

Its softness is why it is not popular.

AS5 is a new product like the AS4. This raises questions about durability, especially when it comes to a soft mattress. Is it likely to sag too fast? Support will it deteriorate?

You can trust their Warranty at this point (which is exceptional at 20 years).


Although I have covered the various levels of firmness in the previous section (Sleeping Experience), let’s get some numbers.

If one is very soft and 10, very firm, then

  • The AS1, which is the most rigid option, rates a 7.5% out of 10.
  • AS2, medium-firm option has a firmness rating 6.5
  • The AS3, the most popular choice, rates slightly lower at 5.5
  • The AS4 is approximately a 4.0
  • The AS5, the softest Amerisleep choice, rates a 3.5/10


The AS3 was tested by us. Its sinkage is minimally noticeable compared to other memory foam mattresses. It was easier to move around at night.

AS1 and AS2 have the lowest sinkage when they are lied on.

Due to their softness, AS4andAS5 have the highest sinkage.

Edge Support

Edge support refers to how well a mattress maintains its structure and support near the edges. A strong edge support will prevent you from falling asleep in bed each night.

The AS3 mattress I tested did not provide adequate edge support. Although I haven’t tried the hybrid, it will likely offer better edge support due to the strong pocket coil base.

Motion Transfer

Our Amerisleep mattress is virtually free of motion transfer Others have also praised the mattress.

This is great news! This is great news for couples. You can sleep all night, or wake up at any time.

This is a feature that all Amerisleepmattresses share, if you take a look at the reviews for their other models.

Hot And Cold Issues

Another area where ourAmerisleep AS3 mattress gets a high rating is this.

A mattress that is made from plant-based foam texture channels and open-cell foam has virtually no hot/cold problems.

Our AS3mattress was comfortable and dry thanks to its excellent airflow.You don’t need to worry about buying additional pads and toppers to keep the heat out.

However, some reviewers have claimed that the mattress is hot. However, I did not experience this.


Amerisleep’s environmentally-friendly mattresses tend to be more expensive than traditional online memory foammattresses.

They are steal when compared to store-bought, eco-friendly foam mattresses.

Within the 48 US states, shipping and delivery are free

Call for a quote to ship to AK and HI.

Below are the prices for their five mattresses.

NOTE:Amerisleepmattressprices can be -500 less on their main site due to discounts

Their softer mattresses tend to be more expensive.

AS1 (soft),AS2 (med soft),AS3 (medium),AS4 (med firm),AS5 (firm).

20-year Warranty

Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty on all mattresses.

The company will replace or repair your mattress for free within the first ten year.This warranty is not transferable and the mattress must be used and supported properly. Material and workmanship defects are covered.

The mattress is covered for the last ten years of the warranty period based on an apro-rated schedule.You will be charged a fee if the mattress has to be repaired or replaced. This charge is based on how long you have owned it and the original price.

Before you buy, be sure to read the Warranty.

100-Night Trial

Amerisleep offers a 100-night trial to help customers decide if they want to return the mattress.

To allow your body to adapt to the mattress, the company suggests that you use it for at least 30 nights.

Contact the company if you are still unhappy with it, or if it is too hard or too soft.

The mattress will be picked up at your home and donated to charity or recycled.

You will receive a full refund

Contact the company if you would like to exchange the mattress for a firmer or softer one.

Notice:Regardless of whether you shop at Amerisleep’s retail store or online, the trial and return policies will be identical.

Pros And Cons


  • There are many options.
  • Memory foams of high quality and eco-friendly design
  • Amazing and surprising good support
  • Cool and dry sleep


  • It can be difficult to choose the right mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses online are more expensive than those sold in stores.
  • There are no special shipping or delivery options
  • There was some off-gassing but it wasn’t too bad.

If You Are Looking For A Great Sleep Solution, Amerisleep Could Be The Right Choice.

  • You are looking for eco-friendly memory foam technology that sleeps cool and dry with some extra support
  • You require a certain level of comfort
  • You and your partner prefer different comfort levels (option Split King).